Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kurplunk?? Really????

Last week my favorite author, Michael Losier , made a video about Law of attraction and the game Kerplunk! Since then I have been trying to get the game so I can use the example that he taught with my clients..... I went to a few stores, they didn't have it. It's an old game. I looked on amazon and it was $35!!!! No way was I going to spend that! Today while walking around kohl's buying christmas PJ's for the family, what did I see on a random bottom shelf? Kerplunk!!! How much you ask???? $10!!! Boy I attracted a good one! Thanks again Michael Losier !
Check out his Video... He is awesome at explaining the Law of Attraction!!!

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  1. After hearing this same story from Marlene, I will have to purchase one of my own. I'm going to check the local Value Village to see if they might have one. Thanks for the idea!!

    Liz M Raymond