Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Deliberate Attracting

How I have been noticing the Law of Attraction Working in my Life this  Past summer:

My deliberate attracting….

About 3.5 years ago my husband and I were at EPCOT.  When we got off the Test Track ride there was this most beautiful car displayed in the lobby as you exit.  I said, “Wow, this is gorgeous!”.  I looked inside and out, sat in the car, touched everything etc.  I turned to our friend who works at Disney and I said, “what kind of car is this???”  It was a brand new Cadillac Crossover.  My husband was walking a way and couldn’t be bothered.  I could only imagine what he was thinking to himself, “If I walk away now, she will follow, and she won’t want that car, I am off the hook”.  I never stopped thinking about that car. 

Fast forward: When I meditate, at the end of my meditations, I visualize myself in the Cadillac, the smell, the look, the feel, etc.  However, at the same time send out good vibes for my current car, which I love and it has absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It’s a 2010 Subaru Outback, black and in perfect running order.  I say to the universe, I really want the new car, however, nothing is wrong with my current car, but I trust that it will happen.  I had put my order in.  Sometimes when I was on the road and I would see the car, I would have a moment of worry that I would have a car accident with my current car, or something bad would happen.  I would then immediately change my thoughts to just pure attraction.  Then whenever I saw any Cadillac on the road, I would look at that beautiful Cadillac symbol and attract more of the same.

My husband is the money manager in our household.  Cars are not important to him in the least.  He is also a very practical buyer.  Whenever the topic of cars came up, I would slip in, I really want a Cadillac.  I think he would just roll his eyes at me.  Then this summer, something changed, and he started showing some interest.  He would look up the prices in the paper, he was open to talking to me about it, there started to be some movement.  I started jumping out of my skin!  I was getting beyond excited.  About two weeks ago I said to him, “ can we just go for a test drive, you know, I never even drove one, I might not even like it”.  He agreed, but said, “I am not ready to buy anything now”. 

The next day I was driving my Brand New Gorgeous Blue Cadillac!  When I traded in my Subaru, I sent it good vibes and wished that it would serve another family as well as it served ours, as it was a really good car.

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