Friday, December 13, 2013

Being in the Vortex!

Most people that know me, have heard me talking about being "in the Vortex".  So what does that mean? For me,  it means being in that very content place.  You are calm on the inside, even when you are excited, nervous, worried, etc. on the outside. It means being in the present moment and enjoying it.

This goes back to the Law of Attraction, which I learned from my favorite author,  Michael Losier.   I also have studied a lot of the work done by Abraham-Hicks.  The vibe/energy that you put out, is what you get back.  Some people call it karma.  This is the very very short version and explanation.   My point of bringing this up is because the other night we saw some musicians that were so "in the vortex" you could see it and feel it!  

The Piano Guys  played the other night on Long Island.  These guys were so into their music and so well bonded to one another, you couldn't help but feel good.  Basically it's these guys that play a cello and piano, simple right? No, they took it to another whole creative level.  They use the instruments like drums, they put pianos on cliffs, moving trains, on top of the Great Wall of China, etc.  

Do something today that will put you in your Vortex!

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