Tuesday, June 16, 2009

butt ugly!

This is my card for Mother Marks tea party: http://mothermark.blogspot.com/

I start to look forward to this challenge on Sunday nights, knowing that it comes out every tues. I am so glad I don't work on Tuesdays!! LOL I made this card for my daughter's 2nd grade teacher...she has been wonderful this year~!

So here I am showing up at the front door, taking the high road... no "butts" here. However, I really did want to make a Butt card, but just couldn't come up with one... and I make enough "Butt ugly" cards as it is without trying to make one... so Here is my Green tea card.

The writing up in the corner... not sure if it is Chinese or Japanese. But it has the Asian look.

I am ready to jump into the tea party with donkey's, butts, sumo wrestler's, etc. Let's have some Delicious Green Tea. Or get drunk on Sake!

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