Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Butt Ugly Card Tea party

Oh Excuse us for being a little late to the tea party... "Butt" we just couldn't miss it. I think I have the cutest
"Butt" at the tea party. And I apologize to the Color Throw Down Challenge for my freshness, but I had to attend Mother Mark's Tea Party found here:

** This card I could not wait to make with my 7 year old Daughter, Rosie. Since yesterday we were trying to figure out how to make a "butt" card. At work today i was talking about the tea pot challenge and a co-worker gave me this idea. This card was designed and decorated all by Rosie! Please visit her blog and leave her some love here:


  1. Well, Maureen, I don't know quite how to comment on this card--it is certainly a unique creation! I am sure all the CTD blurfers will get a big kick after viewing it!

  2. Well, knowing Cindy (Mothermark) I think it's appropriate! bwahahahaha! If it serves the purpose you intended it for then it's fabulous! LOL Thanks for playing the Throwdown!

  3. My, oh my! Never expected to see a "butt" on my stroll through the blog world today! Thanks for playing with us!