Monday, June 15, 2009

happy father's day Hubby!

I decided to make my DH a father's day card.. after all, it is his paycheck that pays for most of my craft supplies!!! LOL
My husband likes old things and pocket watches... I hope he likes this card.
I miss river rock and soft sky......
This is also for the mojo91:
I love these Sketches! I never made a card this size before! What fun!


  1. Another beautiful card...I love it. As somebody was saying we have all the #10 evelopes but never make this size cards. I love the colors and a true guy card. Love you for always....

  2. Hi Maureen, I just can't seem to leave your blog..i have loved it ever since I saw it the first time. I am so glad to see you coming back each week..I can not wait to see what you will do with next weeks sketch..ohhhh almost forgot..I LOVE THIS CARD TOO :)