Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What does pushing against the Energy do for you?

Back in my 20's I took a martial arts class and it taught me a few things about energy that I never forgot.  If someone is attacking you, use their energy to deflect the attack.  The teacher told us not use our energy up against them or you will "lose" or not be "safe".  So if the attacker comes at you with a round house punch, you move out of the way and shift that energy right back at them.  It's sort of like a side step/shove.  I suggest that same type of energy deflection to my clients.  If someone is verbally attacking you, side step and deflect.  You don't have to absorb that "attacking" energy. There are techniques you can use so you can be "self-protective" and not have to absorb the punch.

Also I learned that if you are centered and grounded, your Chi is aligned.  No one can rock your world.  Always try to be in that place where you are centered.  It will bring you happiness and joy.

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