Friday, November 22, 2013

Want to make positive changes in your life?

Sometimes people just want to make some small changes in their life.  

For example, the marriage just isn't feeling right anymore but you are not sure what to do about it.  You love your children more than anyone else in the world, yet they are the ones that you are fighting with the most.  Or, you may feel like you are in a dead end job and have no options...... Did you ever think that counseling might help with these kind of issues?  Do you wonder: "What can talking about my problems do to help me?  I don't want to think about my problems, never mind talk about them."  You would be right if you think just talking about your problems it would make it better and go away.  They don't go away like that.  People need resolution, relief, hope and encouragement.  

We all need the support of friends and family, however, some of us may not have supportive people in our life.  Others have supportive people in their life, but they don't want everyone knowing their personal business.  The people closest to us may also be bias, or have their own agenda.

What is any of our goals in life?  To feel good, be happy and have our needs met.  Right?  

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