Saturday, January 16, 2016

Anxiety Strategies

Just about everyone suffers from some Anxiety. It even has some serious effects on our bodies and immune systems. The question is, how do you manage it?  There are many things that you can do, but what is most important, is finding the things that work best for you.  Here are a few of my favorite things to help relieve stress and anxiety:

  • Running
  • Bible Journaling
  • Meditating 
  • Crafting
  • Playing mindless games on my phone
  • Going for walks with my husband
  • Spending time with friends/family
  • Watching some good distracting TV
The list goes on and on, but my list may not be your list.  Think about things that make you feel a little bit better, pleasant distractions and gives you a little relief.  

One of the simplest things you can do is go out in nature.  It doesn't matter how cold it is out, bundle up and get out!  I promise you, you will feel a little bit better!

Enjoy your day!

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