Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nervous? Anxious?

Many clients seek therapy because they have anxiety and they want relief.  They just don't want those "bad" feelings any more.  They just want to feel better.

What is anxiety? Where does it come from?  Why do people experience it?

Not all anxiety is bad.  Sometimes it motivates people. Sometimes people use it in their profession.  For example, is someone is anxious it might motivate them to clean the house and get things done.  Another person may use it in their job.  Because of their anxious energy they can multi task, work with a lot of customers, get lots of projects done, etc.

However, when it doesn't feel good and it's making your life worse, that is when you want to change things up.

A therapist can teach you positive coping strategies.  For example, positive self talk, refocusing your thoughts, meditation, exercise, etc.  Sometimes people need medication combined with therapy (but that is not always the case).  Most cases of anxiety can be treated with talk therapy that is combined with techniques.

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