Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last night I had a very scary episode where my heart was beating out of control. I went to the ER and my Dear friend who is an ER Doc took excellent care of me. I am giving her this card with a gift as a Thank YOU!

this is also for a few challenges: TSC (funny and a SCS challenge. Thanks BRAT!), CTD found here: and the Limited Supply Challenge.

If you can't read the joke here it is: (the funny part about the joke is that professionally I am a Social Worker)

A man in severe chest pain/pressure is brought to the hospital ER and diagnosed with a massive MI.
The doctor tells him that he will not live unless he has a heart transplant right away.
Another doctor runs into the room and says, "you're in luck, two hearts just became available, so you will get to choose which one you want.
One belongs to an attorney and the other to a social worker".
The man quickly responds, "the attorney's".
The doctor says, "Wait! Don't you want to know a little about them before you make your decision?"
The man says, "I already know enough. We all know that social workers are bleeding hearts and the attorney's probably never used his. So I'll take the attorney's!"


  1. I'm sure she loved it! Hope your are feeling better! Thanks so much for playing the Color Throwdown!

  2. Beautiful card! Loved your joke! Thank you for playing along with this weeks Color Throwdown.

  3. Heehee, what a cute card! SO glad you are feeling okay, we want you to be able to come back and play at the CTD again!!!

  4. That is too funny! Hope you're feeling better now! Great card, that I'm sure you friend will love! Thanks for playing the Throwdown!