Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Camille

Did you ever try to fit too many things in one card? Try to combine too many challenges? Try to make a really good card because it if for someone important? And then it all doesn't really work the way it looked in your head? If yes, Welcome to my world!

This was for MotherMarks wonderful tea party found here: http://mothermark.blogspot.com/

We have this darn bear from Jellystone park that won't come out of the basket.... so I brought some friends to try to "bribe" him with a cup of Hot Tea! Notice the basket weave embossing on the craft layer? You can't see the sparkles in the steam and around the "30" in the pic.

Truth be told, this card is for my employee Camille that has been with me for 7+ years. She turned 30 this week. She is always very complimentary about my cards, so I wanted to make her something nice. This is really a cup of coffee, as she is a coffee drinker.

I went on my weekly run to Michael's to try to find a bear stamp... no such luck. So instead I bought my 3 year old a bear and some friends.... Hope this works for the tea party.

This is also for Mojo Monday.

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