Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More TEA!

Well, Well, Well, I guess you didn't know that the dinosaurs are still locals in Dublin did you? Yep, they sure are. And they love to Roam the gardens and hit a tea party now and then. But because they wanted to go in the "front" door, they wore their pretty Party hats. Their Trio wouldn't be complete without their ancient flying friend, a close relative to the dove. She has been known to drop a poop here and there in the garden on the guests.....

Isn't this another fun week at the tea party?? I just LOVE Dublin! I was there once 10 years ago last month (it was an early honeymoon). I can't say enough about the IRISH! (I guess I am a bit biased being 100% Irish myself!). It was a strange/ comforting feeling being around people that all looked similar to me! (Dark hair, blue eyes and freckles!) So I was more than Happy to cross the pond again this week! In fact, I was extremely frustrated today, as normally I am off on Tuesdays, but today I had to go to work for an important meeting. While in this meeting talking about a million dollar deal, I was checking my blackberry to see where we were going for the tea party this week! (don't tell my DH, we work together and were in the meeting together, he would die if he know that was why I was checking my bb! LOL) As soon as I got out of the meeting I called my MOM, yellobug 60, to find out about the tea party, as I never got the email this week :o(. She brought me up to speed right away... then I had to cook dinner, bathe the kids, you know the drill... until I could get to my card this week! Yikes!

Thanks everyone for joining me in Hershey last week! What a blast!


  1. I just love this!! So fun! You just make me smile!

  2. OH MY GOSH IT IS THE lock nest monster ! I thought he was someplace else but you know how as soon as you mention tea, who knows who will appear! What a fun and creative take on a teapot, I just can't imagine what you added to your tea before coming up with this card! Fantastic !!!