Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ugly Card challenge

Ok, I can admit it.. this is one of the ugliest cards I ever made! I tried to combine three challenges.... goes to show you, it just doesn't work.

Challenge one: Mojo89: http://mojomonday.blogspot.com/2009/...9-contest.html

Challenge two: Cindy's tea pot Tuesday. You see there was this belly dancer dancing all around my craft room, stealing cupcakes and drinking all of my creative juices. Only leaving me the possibility of adding the colors to the tea party.... I tried my best.

Challenge three: CC221


  1. Well, I most definately think you were a success in combining three challenges! Holy cow! I think you are too hard on yourselt. Your card is wonderful and the colors are just perfect. I am impressed by this card! I was so stumped by that teapot that basically I just recreated it, exactly as is. Tells you about my creative juices!

    Thanks Maureen for showing up again today. We will have fun, belly dancin and celebrating Kris' birthday! Glad you are here...watch out for snakes, zebras, camels and a few other various critters!!

  2. Love the butterfly!! Even if you don't like it, I do....

  3. LOL. Your blog post made me laugh. I really love that butterfly....too cool! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

  4. you are funny, I luv the colors and the butterfly....thanks for the laugh and for playing with the mojo makers!
    enjoy *~*