Friday, June 19, 2009

Merci x 3

I wanted to make a card tonight, but just had no inspirition... so I combined three challenges. One to give me the layout: ftl47, found here: http://cleanandsimplestamping.blogsp...06/ftl-47.html
Another to give me the colors:

And last but not least, one to give me the subject matter: LSC225:

Boy am I pathetic! Not sure if I like this card or not. I the big round sticker I got at the dollar store tonight. This was the first time I used my Ruby Red marker and I had the other stuff lying around.


  1. Such pretty the way you used tht ribbon on the bottom....just the right touch.
    The little butterfly is trying to reach the cute. Nice it for someone that needed inspirition! Love you forever....xoxoxox

  2. Very pretty card. I love the embossing.