Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 year Tea Party!

I am so happy to be celebrating the one year anniversary of the Tea Pot Challenge! It has been really alot of fun! Please check out Mothermark's blog where you can learn all about it: http://mothermark.blogspot.com/

Well I just couldn't wait to get to the tea party today. When I got up I checked my email to see what the challenge was today... everyone started yelling at me as we were going to be late for the bus. Ok, so now it's 8:30 am, I know the challenge, but I have no supplies .... oh boy... a trip to Michaels is in order. I drag my 3 year old with the promise of a toy and I get my supplies! I got the castle, the little bear sticker, and the gold leafs... I got more stuff, but I think that is going to be for card #2. Did you ever have more idea's in your head then fit on the card? Geez! I need two cards again this week!

To CINDY: What a beautiful card you made! I don't know how you do it! I just want to thank you (and all your funny tea party ladies) for such fun and laughs! It has crossed over now to My Mom (yellobug60) and my daughter! We all can't wait to see what the challenges are on Tea Pot Tuesday! (Next week I am going to be at Hershey park with the kids... oh no! We should have changed the dates to accommodate the Tea Party !!! Snort!)

So here my little bear is already for the tea party at the Castle..... Much nicer than the barn with swine flu and with the butt ugly sumo wrestlers! No back doors this week!

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